The Viking’s Cursed Bride — Brothers of Thunder Book 1

  • The Viking’s Cursed Bride, begins in 872CE — two years after the Siege of Alt Clut. This event marked the end of the Kingdom of Ystrad Clud with its capital on Dumbarton Rock, and the beginning of the Kingdom of Strathclyde with its capital further up the River Clyde at Govan/Partick. It follows the story of Aoife — half Pict, half Briton — whose father and stepmother arrange for her to be married to the Norse Jarl, Tormod. Tormod has settled on lands that used to belong to Aoife’s father, Lord Cadell, and their settlement and surrounding farms are almost complete.

After the siege, King Artgal was captured and taken to Ath Cliath (Dublin) but was then killed at the request of the King Causantin of Pictland and Dal Riada, whose sister is married to Artgal’s son Rhun — now the king of the Strathclyde Britons. The Norsemen have built a settlement on the shore of Loch Long, where it meets the Clyde, and it is only with their support that King Rhun is holding off pressure from his brother-in-law for Strathclyde to come under Causantin’s control. Alliances can change rapidly and it seems that everyone is out for personal gain.

Looking up Dumbarton Rock from the Viking camp.
  • Being the only Briton in a settlement full of Norsemen is not easy and Aoife is initially viewed with suspicion. Having been a virtual outcast from her own people due to her prophetic dreams and visions, she slowly begins to find a home among the Norsemen but when it starts to look like her own people are not sticking to their side of the marriage bargain will Tormod and the other Norse ever be able to trust that she is an innocent victim, rather than a spy sent to destroy them from within? In the past, Tormod had unwittingly assisted in the near destruction of his home in the Norselands and he is not going to let it happen again. Surrounded by enemies, he has to choose who to trust — and who to love.