Craft Books 2: Story Genius by Lisa Cron

Story Genius is a really useful book which takes you through the creative process right from the start. It’s a character-centred method of developing a plot and one of the most useful books I have come across so far.

The first few chapters consider what a reader looks for in a good story — one which ultimately satisfies and makes them feel that reading the book has been worthwhile.

After that the book focuses on developing a strong storyline to use as a guide when writing your book. It’s an unusual, non-chronological approach, but one which I have found works. It’s main strength is in ensuring the plotline and character arcs work together right from the start and so, in theory, should mean that there are fewer opportunities for inconsistencies developing.

If you have written, or tried to write, one or two novels and received feedback which says that your character motivations are not plausible or that the plot and characters seem disconnected then this may well be the book for you. It should be helpful for any author but is, in my opinion, particularly useful for genre fiction.